Photography Specifications:-
=> ABCsteps Photography is an Amazon Certified Photography Company having worked for over 200 clients in Jodhpur and successfully delivered 75,000+ Images in last 4 Years.
=> High resolution 4000 x 4000 pixel (before crop) jpeg image at 300 DPI.
=> Pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) with grounding shadow or reflection, where
=> Photo editing to remove dust, scratches, and minor defects.
=> Product prep to include stuffing bags, cleaning smudges, and minor assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1.  Can your photos be used on Amazon or Flipkart?
Ans. Yes Absolutely! We're an Amazon Certified Photography Company experienced in Professional Photography. You can find us on your Amazon Seller Panel under Amazon SPN.
2.  Do you have your own Studio Setup in Jodhpur?
Ans. Yes we have our studio located at A-18, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur. We have the complete Product Photography setup and are experienced to deliver the photographs of international standards. You have provide any image reference and we'll deliver equivalent or infact better results than your reference.
3.  What is your photography delivery time?
Ans.  Our turnaround time is usually 5-7 working days. This however can fluctuate depending on the quantities you have. If you have only a few items to photograph, we can shorten this time considerably. Just let us know at the time you request a quote.

4.  What other services do you provide on the shoots? What are the extra charges ??
Ans.  All and any type of additions to the shoots are provided but at a cost. If working under the scope of work like editing, lightening, etc. all come under the budget but any other additions like:
•Product Video shoots
•Product Uploading and Cataloging
•Online Market place registration
•Hair and make up
•Travel expenses( for a different location)
•Digital marketing and promotion
Note: Are all chargeable.

5.  What do you mean by Lifestyle Photoshoot?
Ans.  We offer lifestyle shoot in which we offer other backgrounds, propping or different surfaces. For small/tabletop products we can do lifestyle photoshoot with props at our Studio in Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur. We can also do outdoor photography as per your requirement. Just let us know what you have in mind, or send us a sample or examples.
6.  What equipment do you use?
Ans.  We utilize the latest in digital pro sensors from 22-40 mp, professional lighting equipments (8 Light Setup) and a streamlined post production workflow. Being on the forefront of photo technology combined with our years of experience, ABCsteps Jodhpur is committed to providing our clients with tomorrow’s solutions today.
7.  What do you mean by "Color Optimized"?
Ans.  All of our workstations at ABCsteps Jodhpur, are custom calibrated and use industry standard color profiles. In addition, we custom color balance all of our shots on set to ensure constancy across all of your images. Your final files are delivered with white and black points adjusted and ready for use for digital as well as print media.
8.  Do you charge on Per Photo or Per Product basis?
Ans.  We charge on per photo ( or per angle) basis. For example if you are selling a product on Amazon and want 3 product photos of the same item photographed from 3 different angles you will be charged for 3 photos.
9.  What Is The Type & Size Of Images Do You Deliver?
Ans.  We deliver photos in following formats:-

– Standard File: Amazon Web-Ready Jpeg – 3000px on long side @ 72dpi (perfect for Amazon & Flipkart)

– Designer’s File – High Res  JPEG – 3000px on long side @ 300 dpi (Ideal for printing or very high resolution photography usage)
– Transparent Web-Ready PNG – 3000px on long side @ 72dpi (can be used by your social media team to create interactive banners/posts)
10.  High volume: Can you photograph my entire product line?
Ans.  We can present a cost effective and time sensitive solution to photograph your entire product line. Our number one goal is to deliver high quality photography ready for web or catalogue use, creating an immediate return on investment. We at ABCsteps Jodhpur, take pride in our photography and we understand that these images are part of your branding!
11. What Extra Touch-up will you perform?
Ans. Often, product prototypes and manufacturing samples contain minor defects not representative of the final product. Our Professional Photography at ABCsteps goes far beyond our standard service in correcting many manufacturing errors such as crooked labels, mold seams, misaligned gaps, damaged box corners, and much more.
12. How is your pricing different from others in Jodhpur?
Ans. We do only product photography and nothing else. With our experience in product photography, we guarantee international standard product photography. You can give us any reference or idea, and we assure you of photography of that level.

We also assure of your transparent & fair pricing ensuring excellent photography output.
13.  How can I book my photoshoot?
Ans. Kindly give us a call on 78785-75906 , 78783-29671or 635-014-7016 to make the bookings.

Our photography took will understand your photography requirements and plan your shoot in advance so on the day of shoot, we can be all set to deliver the desired photographs.


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